Eastlake Biotechnology Research Center

seattle, wa



Alexandria Real Estate

Square Footage:

177,000 SF including 80,000 sf
below grade parking




LEED Gold Certified


Maritime Setting/ Maritime References

This research facility is located on a busy arterial near Lake Union, the heart Seattle’s water-based recreation and businesses.  The maritime influences are readily apparent:  a tensile sail provides shelter and rainwater for a two-story water feature; entry grates form a ‘dock’ over the terrazzo flooring; and rusted metal siding echoes the hulls of Seattle’s historic ship-building past. Retail space adds to the life of the street and supports restaurants for researchers and the neighborhood.

The new facility is built on a brownfield and is LEED Gold certified.  Working with BN Builders and an expedited GC/CM contract required ARC to provide a 3 phase permit process.  Easily passing City of Seattle’s Design Review Committee, the repetition of the facades accentuated by the entries and stair tower add beautifully to the streetscape of the Eastlake neighborhood.

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