Architecture in Service

ARC Architects has provided excellent design services to public clients for more than 45 years.

Our projects serve a wide variety of civic and public needs including community centers and pools, parks, city halls, event centers, healthcare, educational facilities, and affordable housing.

In addition to design and construction contract administration services, ARC Architects works with clients on all phases of planning. We have a skilled team of architects and project managers that provide ​programming, site planning, ​feasibility studies, sustainable design, LEED consulting, concept design, assessments, and construction services. We place the highest priority on design, quality control, and service.

Programming, Site Planning, Master Plans & Feasibility

ARC Architects has worked with many public agencies and non-profits for programming, planning, and feasibility studies. We know how to bring together multiple stakeholders and develop direction and consensus.

Successful facility and site planning requires knowledge of program needs, agency mission, public perception and input, and an understanding of site attributes, such as zoning, sensitive areas, climate, topography, connectivity, and infrastructure. We start with existing studies, site maps, and drawings to understand issues that frame the planning effort and look for constraints and opportunities for the site. Key stakeholders are interviewed to understand and define the program. In addition to interviews and public input, we have consultants who provide demographics, market analysis, and cost recovery projections.

ARC Architects helps organizations plan for their future.

Relevant Projects

Ashwood Community Center and Affordable Housing Master Plan
Bellevue Aquatic Center Feasibility Study
Lake City Library Renovation and Addition, Seattle, WA
Longview Conference and Community Center
King Conservation District Programming & Site Assessments
Kirkland City Hall Assessment and Programming
Mukilteo City Hall & Community Center Feasibilty Study
New Holly Neighborhood Campus, Seattle, WA
North Kitsap Regional Event Center Master Plan
Redmond City Hall Assessment
Sammamish City Hall & Police & Parks Master Plan
Snoqualmie Community & Aquatic Center Study
South Whidbey Recreation Center Feasibility Study
Utilities and Trades Commission Programming
Washougal Civic Master Plan

Concept Design & Budgets

Early design work is critical to the success of every project. We collaborate with our clients to develop concept designs and images that define their goals and site potential. Budgets are crafted, refined, and adjusted to meet fundraising needs. Our extensive experience working through this process, generating multiple options and ideas, and guiding the decision making, gives our clients confidence in their successful development.

We develop concept options with client input and facilitate public meetings as needed. Our team is experienced with public meetings and working within the public process to gather the necessary input from the community, staff, and key decision makers.

Design Through Permits & Construction

We begin the permit process with early meetings with City Permit Agencies.  Their review and input in the early stages is important for all projects.  Often times projects have special circumstances that the design team needs to negotiate with permit agencies.  ARC is well experienced with working with local and state codes to develop options to meet client needs.  

Construction documents include the drawings and product specifications, and we work diligently to provide quality documents to the contractors.  ARC has developed good working relationships with many contractors.  We bring an attitude of shared responsibility to the table and appreciate the contractor's input during design and work together to solve issues during construction.

Sustainable Design & LEED Consulting

An efficient building design can help reduce energy and water use, improve indoor air quality, and minimize materials use. ARC Architects has a long history of integrating sustainable design into its projects by considering the relationship between first costs, long-term costs, and the benefits of environmentally responsible design. This integrated design approach connects the site to the building and its users. We are committed to incorporating sustainable and durable design into every project.

We have shepherded multiple projects through LEED certification and are also well-versed in the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards (ESDS) associated with Washington State Housing Trust Funds and tax credit projects. We are committed to developing appropriate sustainable strategies for each project.

Relevant Projects

2914 South McClellan Apartments - ESDS
Adams View Family Housing - ESDS
KCHA Bellevue Apartments Renovation - ESDS
KCHA Woodlawn North Apartments Renovation - ESDS
Mt. Baker Village Renovation - ESDS
Pacific Pearl Family Housing - ESDS
Pivotal Point Family Housing - ESDS
Mukilteo City Hall, Mukilteo - LEED Gold
199 Blaine Biotechnology - LEED Gold
Rainier Beach Community Center & Pool - LEED Gold
Auburn Community Center - LEED Silver
Birch Creek Youth Center - LEED Silver
Eastside Tacoma Community Center & Pool - LEED Silver
Fircrest Community Center - LEED Silver (in design)
Lynnwood Neighborhood Center - LEED Silver (in design)
Sammamish City Hall and Police - LEED Silver
Port Townsend City Hall - LEED Silver


Universal Design

Designing projects so that all visitors feel comfortable and welcome is something that ARC Architects strives to do in each of our projects. Complying with ADA/ABA standards is standard for every project. We have been involved in numerous renovation projects that required bringing projects into compliance. Careful in-field assessment and documentation of existing conditions such as parking, walkways, doors, restrooms and fixtures is key to successful implementation of the necessary improvements to create safe and universal accessible places. ARC has a multi-year on-call contract with City of Seattle to review ADA and other accessibility requirements for public projects designed for the city. 

Building Assessments

ARC Architects has significant experience in existing building condition assessments and budget planning, which are important for organizations to maintain their buildings and plan for future renovations and repairs. All renovation projects begin with an assessment of the existing building, the envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, code issues, and finishes. Through this assessment process we discuss options for renovation and upgrades to existing systems. With an understanding of the potential costs, the team can prioritize the required work and determine a long-term asset management plan in order to extend the life of the building.

At times the assessment determines that renovation will be more expensive than replacement.  Depending on the design of the existing building, the additional expense may be worth the cost to save a historic structure or important community resource. Our experience provides us the necessary tools to quickly assess and help define scope of future planning and budgets.


Camp Korey Buildings
Kirkland City Hall
WA State Utilities and Transportation Commission
Seattle Fire Station 25, 32, and 34
Teen Parent Home Center
Central Area Senior Center
DV Shelter, Everett Guard Building
Vashon Household Housing
Kittitas Armory
Jefferson Community Center
Queen Anne Community Center
Loyal Heights Community Center
Green Lake Community Center & Evans Pool
Hiawatha Community Center
Puyallup Memorial Community Center
Rainier Beach Community Center & Pool
Redmond City Hall 
William Shore Memorial Pool

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