Redmond City Hall Customer Service and Conference Center

redmond, wa


City of Redmond

Square Footage:

12,000 SF

Construction Budget:








Reconnecting With Customers Through Design

The City of Redmond has a fairly new City Hall, however, its functional downfalls are impacting customers wayfinding, creating a disconnect between building entries and points of service, resulting in security breaches that have negative effects for public/staff safety.  Conferencing needs were also unanticipated for staff and public meetings. 

ARC was hired to provide programming, building assessment, and concept design for a newly created Customer Service and Conference Center within the ground floor of City Hall.  The initial thrust of the building assessment was targeted at determining how best the city could deliver services to the public.  Supporting that effort was a complete programming effort to determine future growth needs, department adjacencies, and technological upgrades for the added features. 

The design creates a welcoming and informational hub for customers to check-in and be guided to the more secure staffing areas of City Hall.  The new acoustic panels in the lobby provide much needed acoustic treatment in the busy community hub.  The new state-of-the-art Conference Center incorporates a variety of room sizes where staff meet and serve the public. 

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