408 Aurora Apartments

seattle, wa


The Clark Family

square footage:

39,000 SF - 70 apartments



construction cost:



Contextual Contributions / Sustainable Ambitions

Framing the eastern edge of the future North Portal of the  Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Tunnel, 408 Aurora Ave N is a 7-story residential apartment building catered to the diverse and growing community of technology citizens (techizens) within South Lake Union.  Its prime location provides an opportunity for a building that marks the transition between the on-going improvements to Alaskan Way  and the recent infusion of urban redevelopment in South Lake Union.  The design capitalizes on its unobstructed views of iconic city features including the Space Needle, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, downtown Seattle, Queen Anne hill, and Lake Union. 

With an owner who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainable building practices, supported by a project team dedicated to environmental design, the primary goal is to design and construct a building that maximizes its site’s potential by  integrating responsible systems and products with proven quantitative and qualitative results. 

​Buildings should tell a story, one that educates and inspires.

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