Union Gap City Hall

union gap, wa


City of Union Gap

square footage:

22,000 sf

construction budget:



October 2018

USDA Federal Funds


Forward Thinking Design

This new City Hall is the cornerstone of Union Gap's redevelopment goals.  The building houses the offices and support spaces for the city hall and police department. The  council chambers fronts a new civic plaza designed to encourage public gatherings, while providing security with the design and placement of concrete benches and trees, rendering auto access impassable. 

This project was conceived as a single shed structure with a rigorous structural grid, exposed wood decking and glu-lam beams.  Tucked inside the shed is the council chambers volume whose outer shell folds around and through the north facing glass wall of the shed, extending inside to create the intersection between volumes.  Through form and material the build respects its northwest roots and announces the exciting future of Union Gap.

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