Wenatchee City Hall Redevelopment

wenatchee, wa


City of Wenatchee

square footage:

20,100 SF Renovation


Summer 2022

Existing building images

Strength in Unity

The new Wenatchee City Hall will bring the departments that work to shape the city’s identity together under one roof at the existing 1973 Federal Building. The program establishes equitable spaces among the departments while fostering a modern and flexible work environment. Inside, the design strikes a  balance between vibrant work spaces for the city staff and refined public spaces that incorporate timeless materials such as wood and stone.

The City Hall renovation will be out to bid in July 2020 with anticipated completion in Spring of 2021.


The design goals are aimed at -

  • Establishing transparency between the City and its residents by enabling effective exchanges at chambers and the customer service area

  • Strengthening Wenatchee’s identity by providing city staff opportunity for inter- and intra-departmental collaboration

  • Cultivating a modern, flexible work environment for the City as it continues to grow and expand


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