Bonney Lake Public Works Center

Bonney Lake, WA


City of Bonney Lake

square footage:

57,000 SF






The City of Bonney Lake’s Public Works Department is responsible for constructing, operating, maintaining, and repairing municipal infrastructure for roadways and utilities. This includes pavement, signage, street lighting, water, sewer, and storm water.

To accomplish this, comprehensive plans were prepared and a six year financial planning model developed that estimates revenues and allocates expenditures in order to address the operating and capital needs of the City for estimated population growth over the next 40 years. Over time, the City had outgrown its current space and it no longer operated as efficiently as it should. With increasing needs, it was necessary for the City to find an alternative.

With a design process that spanned from 2005-2021, and included four project sites, the new Public Works Center includes  administration office that will house the Public Works engineering staff , the Community Development staff and the permit center. The campus also includes conference and staff buildings along with maintenance vehicle and equipment storage structures.

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